Clean Air

We at Royal River Natural Foods would like you to know that a healthy environment is one of our highest priorities. We care a lot about the health of our employees and strive to provide a safe space for everyone that enters our building. Our next best step in this endeavor was to install the iWave Series which will keep the air we breathe as clean as possible.
Cold/flu season is here and with this filtration system installed, it will cut down on sick days with our staff so we can continue to provide our services to you as well as to our community. It will also allow our customers to shop in a space that is safer and less compromised to allergens, colds/flu/viruses.
A big thank you to the crew at W.H. Demmons for coming in earlier this week and installing the iWave Series at our location. “The iWave Series uses bi-polar ionization technology to clean the air. Two emitters create positive and negative ions and inject them into the air stream of an existing HVAC duct system. The ions break down pollutants and gases into harmless, odorless compounds such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, and water vapor. Ions also remove the hydrogen molecules from airborne pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, and mold, causing them to die.” (
Wishing everyone a healthy fall and winter season!

It’s time to talk turkey

🍂Hi folks, it’s time to place your Thanksgiving turkey orders!🍂

 🦃We’re happy to provide your Thanksgiving turkey by our good ol’ tried-and-true, Misty Knoll Farm – their deadline is November 16th with a $10 deposit. Misty Knoll birds are $4.39/lb.

Misty Knoll Farm raises their birds with utmost care, feeding them wholesome grain that is free of antibiotics and animal by-products. This provides healthy, nutritious and flavorful birds.

🦃We also want to give you a second option of organic, local turkeys from Grace Pond Farm​ in Thomaston, Maine. They’re Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (MOFGA) certified and the family farm has ensured they’ve put a lot of love and effort to provide the healthiest of birds. The deadline for Grace Pond Farm turkeys is November 4th with a $10 deposit. Grace Pond birds are $5.99/lb.

All turkeys will arrive fresh with the exception of small sizes by Grace Pond Farm, which will be frozen early and thawed in time for Thanksgiving.

Place your order with us NOW by calling us at 207-865-0046. Please do not email an order.

These deadline creep up fast!

Blueberry Time!

We are now taking orders for bulk wild Maine blueberries! Coming from Blue Barrens Farm in Colombia, Maine. #organic
#wild #maine #bulk #blueberries

$30 for 5 lbs ( paid in full at time of order ) for August delivery, week of the 10th. Harvesting is weather dependent, so please call ahead if you’re making a special trip. We will post here and no facebook when we have a firm delivery date, we will not be calling people.

These blueberries are flash frozen immediately after harvesting.

Don’t be afraid to stock up!

Latest Updates June 22

We now have plexiglass installed on two of our registers so you can now unpack your own carts and baskets. You can also bring in your own bags (please do not shop into your bag, always appreciated)! If you bring bags, we will ask you to please bag your groceries yourself. While people get used to bringing bags again, we will continue to waive the bag fee until July 15th.

Please continue to leave 6 feet between other customers in line to check out and wear a mask while shopping.Thank you.

New Guidelines for Online Ordering

We will be starting up online ordering/curbside again on Monday, April 13th.
If you are able to shop in the store, we would prefer it.
Online ordering is for people who really need it, like the elderly or immune compromised. We are not set up for a full fledged online service and we are also very short staffed.
We do want to do this for those most in need. So again, if you are able to shop yourself, we appreciate that so we may help the most vulnerable among us.
Please refer to the guidelines.
Guidelines for Online Grocery Orders
• All orders must be emailed to directly with the subject heading “Grocery Order”. Do not send an order through our website or by phone.
• Grocery lists must be arranged by the following categories and order:
1. Bodycare/Supplements
2. Household/Pets/Waters/Juices
3. Condiments/pastas/canned goods/soups/international
4. PB/jam/cereal/gluten free/nut milks/granola
5. Baking/tea/coffee/bulk
6. Meat/cheese
7. Dairy
8. Chips/bars/chocolate
9. Produce
A template will be emailed to you with your first order to use as an example.
• Orders will be First Come, First Serve. If we cannot fulfill your order on the chosen day, it will go to the next available day. Wait for a phone call to confirm your pick up day and to give us your credit card information.
• We will be accepting orders for Monday, Wednesday and Friday, orders must be submitted by 9:00 am at the latest. Orders can be sent a day ahead as well.  And, the pick-up time will be 1:00 pm.
• Please try to limit your online ordering to once a week as a courtesy to others trying to use the service.
• There is a $40 minimum and a $5 fee per order.
• Please specify brand, product and size where possible.
• Not all of our usual bulk items are available. Some items are now pre-bagged in larger quantities. We are not able to repackage any already bagged items.

• No alcohol and no frozen items. 

Guidelines are subject to change often. For the most up to date changes, go to our website under the “news” tab or visit us here.

Latest store update

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign.

You will see lots of signs inside and outside the store to remind you of all the new changes and things we are asking from our customers to shop at RRNF in order to comply with Governor Mills Executive Order. As of today, and until further notice, these are some of the things we need to ensure everyone gets a chance to shop in a timely manner.

  • We need to limit the number of customers in the store at the same time. Please have one person per family do the shopping and remember kids are people too. Two or more people shopping for the same household means someone is waiting outside. Please practice social distancing with other customers and staff.
  • Please shop for as many days in advance as possible, like Mom & Grandma used to do.
  • Please shop with a list and purpose so you can move through the store as quickly as possible.
  • For now, this is how check out will be: Approach the floor sign marking 6 feet from the cashier. Another staff member will take your cart, unload and bag your groceries. The cashier will instruct you when to approach the register for payment. This is the best way for us to maintain social distancing and also speed up the process.
  • All customers use a cart when shopping, no more baskets. This helps us to keep a count of customers in the store.
  • We have floor stickers coming today so you can easily see the 6 foot spacing at the register area and outside on the ramp. In the meantime, look for masking tape on the floor.
  • If we are at capacity, the line to get in the store will queue on the ramp.
  • We are transitioning to offering only pre-packaged bulk items and bottles of spices to minimize consumer handling and speed up shopping. Sorry, but we will not re-package any bulk items already bagged. Hopefully, this will only need to be in effect for April.
  • We are planning on offering online shopping sometime next week, more details & instructions to follow.
  • The hours of 10:00 am to 11:00 am are reserved for high risk, immune compromised individuals and their caregivers. Please do not shop at that time if you are not in that category.

Thank you for all your patience and understanding. Be well.