It’s time to talk turkey


🍂Hi folks, it’s time to place your Thanksgiving turkey orders!🍂

 🦃We’re happy to provide your Thanksgiving turkey by our good ol’ tried-and-true, Misty Knoll Farm – their deadline is November 16th with a $10 deposit. Misty Knoll birds are $4.39/lb.

Misty Knoll Farm raises their birds with utmost care, feeding them wholesome grain that is free of antibiotics and animal by-products. This provides healthy, nutritious and flavorful birds.

🦃We also want to give you a second option of organic, local turkeys from Grace Pond Farm​ in Thomaston, Maine. They’re Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (MOFGA) certified and the family farm has ensured they’ve put a lot of love and effort to provide the healthiest of birds. The deadline for Grace Pond Farm turkeys is November 4th with a $10 deposit. Grace Pond birds are $5.99/lb.

All turkeys will arrive fresh with the exception of small sizes by Grace Pond Farm, which will be frozen early and thawed in time for Thanksgiving.

Place your order with us NOW by calling us at 207-865-0046. Please do not email an order.

These deadline creep up fast!