New Guidelines for Online Ordering

We will be starting up online ordering/curbside again on Monday, April 13th.
If you are able to shop in the store, we would prefer it.
Online ordering is for people who really need it, like the elderly or immune compromised. We are not set up for a full fledged online service and we are also very short staffed.
We do want to do this for those most in need. So again, if you are able to shop yourself, we appreciate that so we may help the most vulnerable among us.
Please refer to the guidelines.
Guidelines for Online Grocery Orders
• All orders must be emailed to directly with the subject heading “Grocery Order”. Do not send an order through our website or by phone.
• Grocery lists must be arranged by the following categories and order:
1. Bodycare/Supplements
2. Household/Pets/Waters/Juices
3. Condiments/pastas/canned goods/soups/international
4. PB/jam/cereal/gluten free/nut milks/granola
5. Baking/tea/coffee/bulk
6. Meat/cheese
7. Dairy
8. Chips/bars/chocolate
9. Produce
A template will be emailed to you with your first order to use as an example.
• Orders will be First Come, First Serve. If we cannot fulfill your order on the chosen day, it will go to the next available day. Wait for a phone call to confirm your pick up day and to give us your credit card information.
• We will be accepting orders for Monday, Wednesday and Friday, orders must be submitted by 9:00 am at the latest. Orders can be sent a day ahead as well.  And, the pick-up time will be 1:00 pm.
• Please try to limit your online ordering to once a week as a courtesy to others trying to use the service.
• There is a $40 minimum and a $5 fee per order.
• Please specify brand, product and size where possible.
• Not all of our usual bulk items are available. Some items are now pre-bagged in larger quantities. We are not able to repackage any already bagged items.

• No alcohol and no frozen items. 

Guidelines are subject to change often. For the most up to date changes, go to our website under the “news” tab or visit us here.